USA National Board for Professional Teaching Standards | Middle Childhood Generalist Standards

Portfolio: NBPTS Middle Childhood Generalist Standards

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I Knowledge of Students

Child Development
Students as Individuals
Students as Learners

II Respect for Diversity

Appreciating Diversity
Addressing Diversity

III Establishing an Environment for Learning

Building a Community
Organizing and Managing the Classroom

IV Knowledge of Content and Curriculum

English Language Arts
Social Studies
The Arts
Health and Wellness

V Instructional Decision Making

Engaging Students
Planning and Implementing Instruction
Using Assessment to Inform Instruction
Reflecting on Instructional Decision Making

VI Partnership and Outreach

Partnerships with Families
Partnerships with the Greater Community

VII Professionalism, Leadership, and Advocacy   

Demonstrating Professional Responsibility
Advocating for the Teaching Profession

VIII Responsiveness to Change

Content and Curricula
School Environments
Educational Policy
Students and Communities

IX Reflective Practice

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