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Portfolio: KIST TASS

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Performance Standard 1: Professionalism

Performance Standard 2: Learning Environment

2.1 Arranges the classroom to maximize learning while providing a safe environment.
2.2 Establishes  clear  expectations,  with  student  input,  for  classroom rules  and procedures early  in  the school year, and enforces them consistently and fairly.
2.3 Maximizes instructional time.
2.4 Plans to avoid disruptions and manages the classroom effectively and fairly.
2.5 Establishes a climate of trust and teamwork by being fair, caring, respectful, and enthusiastic.
2.6 Respects students’ diversity, including language, culture, race, and gender.

Performance Standard 3: Instructional Planning

3.1 Prepares planning documentation in line with IB practices.
3.2 Plans time realistically for pacing, content coverage, and transitions.
3.3 Plans for differentiated instruction.
3.4 Aligns lesson objectives to school curriculum.
3.5 Develops appropriate long and short-range plans, and is able to adapt plans when needed.
3.6 Plans for appropriate use of school resources to support learning.

Performance Standard 4: Instructional Delivery

4.1 Engages and maintains students in active learning.
4.2 Builds upon students’ existing knowledge and skills.
4.3 Differentiates instruction to meet students’ needs.
4.4 Clearly communicates the learning objectives of the lesson. 
4.5 Uses a variety of effective instructional strategies and resources.
4.6 Uses instructional technology to enhance student learning.
4.7 Communicates clearly and checks for understanding.

Performance Standard 5: Assessment for / of Learning

5.1 Plans assessments in line with the school assessment philosophy and the requirements of the IB.
5.2 Implements appropriate assessment tasks.
5.3 Aligns student assessment with the established curriculum standards.
5.4 Uses a variety of formal and informal assessment strategies to guide instruction.
5.5 Uses assessment tools for both formative and summative purposes.

5.6 Involves students in self-assessment of summative tasks.
5.7 Provides appropriate constructive and frequent feedback to students on their learning.

Performance Standard 6: Impact on Learning

6.1 Collects and analyzes baseline data to identify learning needs.
6.2 Uses data to inform instructional decisions.
6.3 Collects and analyzes data at times in the school year to measure student progress.
6.4 Analyzes student performance on standardized assessments, in relation to the subject of instruction, and reflects upon the results and how to sustain/improve them.
6.5 Makes data supported conclusions about the teacher’s impact on learning.

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